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Anti-Arthritis Effect through the Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Sargassum muticum Extract in Collagen-Induced Arthritic (CIA) Mice



(주)제넨셀은 자가면역질환 중 류마티스 관절염 증상의 완화에 도움을 줄 수 있는

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이들을 통한 사업화를 추진하고 있습니다.


해당 논문은 경희대학교와의 공동연구를 통해 콜라겐을 이용한 류마티스 관절염 (CIA) 동물 모델에서

경단구슬모자반추출물의 (Sargassum muticum extract, SME) 류마티스 관절염 억제 효능을 입증하였습니다.

이를 통해 SME의 류마티스 관절염 치료제로서의 가능성을 제시하였으며,

국제저명학술지 Molecules (IF 3.060)에 게재되었습니다.

해당 논문은 추후 SME의 임상시험 및 사업화 기초자료로 활용될 예정입니다.



Background: Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes progressive articular damage and functional loss. It is characterized by synovial inflammation that leads to progressive cartilage destruction. For this reason, research on functional foods that reduce the inflammatory response are under progress. 

Methods: We focused on the anti-inflammatory effects of Sargassum muticum, and confirmed the effect of the extract on the collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) DBA/1J mice model. 

Results: The extract was given at concentrations of 50, 100, and 200 mg/kg, and the arthritis score and edema volume of the experimental group were significantly different from the CIA group. The level of interleukin (IL)-6, tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α, and interferon (IFN)-γ were determined in serum and lymphocytes. The expression of these cytokines in the serum remarkably decreased from S. muticum extract (SME)100 mg/kg, and decreased from SME 200 mg/kg in lymphocytes. Also, immunohistochemical analysis of IL-6 and TNF-α in the joints revealed that the inflammatory response was noticeably lower when treated with S. muticum extract. 

Conclusions: This study provides results of the experiment of S. muticum extract treatment in a mouse model. The treatment was found to contribute to the alleviation of edema and symptoms by reducing the expression of inflammatory cytokines. It was concluded that it may be a useful substance to help in the mitigation of arthritis symptoms. 


Keywords: Rheumatoid arthritis; Collagen-induced arthritis; Anti-inflammation; Sargassum muticum; Functional food